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Love is Love During these summer months of Pride celebrations, it’s instructional to think back to Pride’s origins in the 1960’s as a political protest movement. Jul 29, 2022
Every Dog Has Its Day There is an honorary tribute for almost every day on the calendar to celebrate our most loyal buddies, but I’ve narrowed it down to these monthly ones for me Jul 14, 2022
The Kind and Great Looking People of Collingwood My lovely and talented wife Pam used to ride horses in her youth. And while she may have had fun back then, her luck with rides didn’t extend from four legs to four wheels. Jun 24, 2022
The Will Smith and Chris Rock In All of Us We’re all damaged people. Family and friends, neighbours and co-workers, lovers and strangers. The damage is literally everywhere. Jun 08, 2022
Coffee with Dad Three or four times per week, I’d get the call in the evening. “Let’s meet for coffee in the morning.” Mar 25, 2022
Second Chances Approximately ten percent of Canadians, close to four million people, have criminal records. How to deal with these records raises questions of who deserves a second (or third, fourth or fifth) chance and how and should they be given. Mar 14, 2022
I Hereby Resolve … The history of New Year’s Resolutions goes back 4,000 years to the ancient Babylonians. They pledged to pay their debts and return any objects they had borrowed. Feb 25, 2022
Sisyphus, Springsteen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Sisyphus has been interpreted to represent the absurdity of human life, our vain struggle for purpose, meaning and knowledge. Feb 11, 2022
Impaired and Distracted ​Impaired and Distracted. With December’s recent onslaught of holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping frenzies and end of year work deadlines, that’s pretty much how many of us felt all month. Dec 17, 2021
Become Who You Are There once was a boy we’ll call Gus, born in Montreal to Greek immigrant parents who had started a business and worked hard to support their children. Dec 06, 2021
Lies My Father Told Me Born in a small village in northern Greece in 1934, it is universally agreed within my family that our father was the most unique person we’ve ever known. Nov 19, 2021
The Five Stages of a Case Just like the five stages of grief, the slightly lesser known five stages of a case share some remarkable similarities Nov 05, 2021
Let’s Lock Up the Prisons North America’s prisons are filled with too many prisoners who shouldn’t be there. We send people who aren’t serious threats into awful hellholes and they often come out worse. Oct 22, 2021
Just For The Love Of It Why should we re-engage our youthful passions? Sep 28, 2021
Fiddlers On The Bay In this election month I’m reminded of the old saying, “Nero fiddled while Rome burned”, the concern that arises when our government focuses on trivial matters while more important ones are neglected. Sep 03, 2021
Time to Call Out the Cancel Culture Cancel culture is defined as “a form of boycott in which someone, typically a celebrity, has shared a questionable opinion or has had problematic behavior called out..." Aug 27, 2021
The Various Roads to Safer Roads Our world’s fascination and dependence on automotive travel date back over a century and during that time there have been many technical advancements Jul 19, 2021
The Coopers: Amy, Meet Christian Will the District Attorney continue with the case, given Mr. Cooper’s stance? If so, will Ms. Cooper plead guilty? And if so, what sentence should be imposed on her? Jul 05, 2021
The Art of the Apology: Sorry … Not Sorry … I Don’t Know, Whatever In recent times, the term “cowboys” in the lyrics, “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys” has been replaced with “public figures”. Jun 25, 2021
Unsaintly Behaviour At St. Mike’s There has been much written about the recent ugly incidents at Toronto’s St. Michael’s College School involving young teenaged students and their sports teams Jun 18, 2021
A Few Good Lawyers Atticus Finch, the lead lawyer in Harper Lee’s much celebrated American novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, represents the best traits in a defence lawyer and in a person. Jun 04, 2021
Where Were You … On August 10, 1973? Now, how about the special personal moments you’ll never forget, is there a date and moment that is forever etched in your mind? Here’s one of mine: August 10, 1973. May 21, 2021
Be Like Jack: Fireplace Installation, Problem Solving and the Art of Client Relationships Over the years, I’ve tried to live these principles and share them with the people in my office. Treat the case and our client like they were a close friend or family member. May 07, 2021
Trial by Zoom Many cases that previously required accused persons, lawyers, police officers and witnesses to attend busy and crowded courtrooms in person are now being done by video, audio and / or email. Apr 23, 2021
One Innocent Person To be found guilty of a criminal offence, the proof needs to be more than just a balance of probabilities, which is the standard applied in civil law matters. Apr 01, 2021
Remembrance Day: Don’t Shut Out The Light To all our Veterans, thank you for your service and sacrifice, and may we never shut out the light on you. Mar 26, 2021
Back To The Future What would you have done differently in the past and, more importantly, what future life decisions are you going to make? Mar 12, 2021
One Year Later On a personal level, what were the highlights and revelations that emerged in this past dark year? Feb 24, 2021
Your Future is Bright If you have been charged by the police in the past and have gone through our court system, the impact on your life likely has had long lasting consequences Feb 12, 2021
"No Dear, We Know What’s Best For You" Under Ontario’s domestic violence strategy, the police have a mandatory charging policy in such cases. Jan 29, 2021

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