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3 Rules For Choosing Your Lawyer When choosing your criminal or traffic offence lawyer for that critical time you need one, these simple rules should suffice. Jan 18, 2021
Pardon Me The historical reasons for granting pardons are grounded in concepts of grace and mercy, the idea of allowing for a person’s sentence and punishment to be complete and to allow and encourage full reintegration back into society Dec 29, 2020
Odd Couples Can Be Best Friends Oh, to disagree without being disagreeable, those were the good old days. Oct 08, 2020
The Second Half of 2020 – What Could Go Wrong? As wild and unpredictable the first half of this year has been, my guess is the next 6 months will bring even more surprises and historic moments Jul 30, 2020
Making the Most of Our Lost Spring The bad news emanating from this lost spring of 2020 is unprecedented and well documented. Jun 01, 2020
The Zen of Happy Hour These days, happy hour has been commercialized by bars and pubs, where the price for drinks and appetizers are significantly discounted for a few happy hours, usually to attract the after-work crowd. Dec 26, 2019
Be a Tiger As Tiger Woods sank his final putt on Sunday at the Masters, he raised his arms in celebration, as if unloading the heavy burden of the past 10 years. Apr 18, 2019

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