The Second Half of 2020 – What Could Go Wrong?

Posted: July 30, 2020
By: The Law Firm of Ted Yoannou

Ok, be honest.   Back on January 1st when we were making our annual predictions regarding the upcoming 2020 year, how many of you had “global pandemic shuts down the world” and “massive protests rage across America” on your lists?”

My proud exclamation, “the Leafs WILL win a playoff round in 2020!” doesn’t seem all that bold or relevant anymore.

And, as wild and unpredictable the first half of this year has been, my guess is the next 6 months will bring even more surprises and historic moments, solidifying 2020 as the most important year since … the 1960’s … the 1940’s?

Second wave of the virus, worse than the first?

Treatment / vaccine developed?

Deep recession and new unprecedented government programs such as a guaranteed annual income as a response?

Increasingly violent clashes between the left and right and protestors and police?   Political assassinations?  America hasn’t had one of those for quite a while.

Speaking of politics, Trump versus Biden in November 2020 will undoubtedly provide more surprising and unexpected moments. They turn 74 and 78 years of age, respectively, this year. Do they both even make it to November, or does illness, death or scandal take one or both of them out of the race before then?   Pence versus Bernie, anyone?

And, if Trump loses in November, does he step down with a gracious concession speech and cooperate with the traditional smooth transition of power from one President to another?  Or, would the civil unrest we’ve been seeing in May and June seem like child’s play in comparison to the ugly and violent forces that Trump and the far right could unleash at that time?

But, what do I know?   I should stick with what I do know … sports.   So, here goes:  The Raptors repeat as champs in 2020.   The Leafs win their first Cup since ’67.   And the young guns of the Blue Jays lead them to World Series glory.

Yes, a Toronto sports sweep!  Seems crazy, right?   Sure, but that’s what they said to the guy who was wandering around on January 1st, whispering strange sounds like “COVID”, “PPE’s” and “CERB” to anyone who would listen. 

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