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What to do if You’re Caught Speeding If you’ve been pulled over for speeding in Ontario (by speed camera or speed detector), there are a few things you absolutely must do. Don’t make mistakes when you’re caught speeding. Jan 19, 2018
How Much is a Speeding Ticket and How Will it Affect Your Insurance? Speeding tickets are among the most common legal issues Canadian drivers face. From rushing to work to simply missing the signs indicating a reduced speed limit, it’s all too easy to get ticketed for driving faster than legally allowed. Jan 11, 2018
Dangers of Using Cell phone while Driving Worse than You Think Using a cell phone while driving: how bad can it really be? Even if you think you drive a motor vehicle just fine when you’re on your phone, research shows that you’re most definitely wrong. Jan 08, 2018
What Happens if You Drive Without Insurance? Auto insurance from a reputable insurance company isn’t just a good idea. In Ontario, it’s the law. Driving without proper auto insurance can be costly and not just when you get in an accident or otherwise suffer damage to your car or truck. Dec 06, 2017
Over 80 Driving Licence Restrictions: What You Need to Know There is no law that outright prohibits drivers over the age of 80 from operating motor vehicles on public roads in Ontario. However, the province does require regular licence renewals every 2 years after a licenced adult driver turns 80 years old. Dec 03, 2017
DUI Accident: 3 Things You Should Do After a DUI-Related Accident Driving under the influence (DUI) as a drunk driver can also be described as driving while intoxicated (DWI) or drunk driving. The Government of Ontario refers to this charge as impaired driving, but the substance is the same as it would be under any other name. Nov 30, 2017
Disobeyed Traffic Control Devices: What Are Your Options? Failing to stop at a stop sign, going a little over the speed limit, or going through a red light or traffic signal when it is quiet doesn’t seem like a big deal in theory, but if you get caught and are given a traffic ticket for doing this, it could have negative consequences, including a mandatory court appearance. Nov 27, 2017
Caught Driving with a Suspended Licence? Be Prepared to Face Harsh Consequences Being unable to drive is tough. It’s inconvenient at best and damaging to your livelihood at worst. Unfortunately, Ontario’s legal system is tough on traffic-related crime, so if you’re under licence suspension, you cannot operate a motor vehicle on public roads under any circumstances Nov 24, 2017

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